Electrical Testing and Tagging Melbourne

What is an Electrical Testing and Tagging Service? 

This safety testing process involves inspecting, electrically testing, labelling and logging the results of the electrical tests for safety audit purposes.

All electrical equipment should be checked in accordance with the Australian Standard, to ensure electrical safety in the workplace as well as reducing the possible risks of electrocution and fires.

As a Business Owner or Manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that all portable appliances within your business are safe for use and certified by a Test and Tag technician.

Electrical Testing and Tagging Team

Mobile Fire Services team are trained professionals with qualifications and expertise to assist you to meet your electrical testing and tagging safety requirements for your businesses internal and external audits.

Our mobile onsite team is available throughout the Melbourne metro area, working with you to ensure minimum disturbance whilst you continue your business operations throughout the process.

Reporting of Electrical Testing and Tagging for Audits

Once your electrical testing and tagging is completed Mobile Fire Services provides detailed electronic reports and reminders when your equipment approaches the re-test date. Reporting is available whenever required through our Customer Portal

Mobile Fire Services Testing & Tagging Equipment

How Often Should Electrical Testing and Tagging Take Place?

The frequency of testing and tagging of electrical cords is an important component of your obligations and re-testing is required to be consistently up to date to meet the expectations of Australian safety standards.

Dust, heat, moisture, vibration is just a few of the various reasons which can cause damage to electrical equipment. The environment where the electrical items are positioned should also be taken into consideration when determining when an appliance will need to be retested.

The required testing intervals do differ dependent upon your business and environment.

  • 3 month: Building, construction and demolition requires the most frequent testing due to it being considered a harsh environment and therefore an appliance being damaged is more likely compared to other settings.
  • 6 month: Factories, warehouses, and production environment types are not considered as harsh, but because appliances are often used constantly it needs to be tested every 6 months.
  • 12 month: An environment where the equipment/supply cord is prone to flexing or open to abuse is often referred to as a hostile environment as the appliance can be overused and is therefore exposed to abuse by the user, as well as dust, general deterioration, and the weather.
  • 5 year: An environment where the equipment/supply cord is not prone to flexing or open to abuse is commonly referred to as a non-hostile environment – a typical example of this might be a company’s server room.

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