Tullamarine Fire Protection Services

Fire Protection Services in Tullamarine

Mobile Fire Services FPASFire Protection is an important fire, electrical and safety regulation every commercial business in Tullamarine must maintain. 

Safety maintenance ensures you can operate in a safe environment and meet Australian safety standards.

Fire or electrical incidents could be a tragic accident waiting to happen if your fire protection is not managed well. 

Without regular service and maintenance of all your fire and electrical equipment you and your business could easily be in bad situation. 

Tullamarine Mobile Fire Services can be your fire safety solution!

Fire Safety Maintenance & Installation Services Tullamarine

We have been operating to many years with hands on experience on offer. Our team is comprised of specialist fire experts with expertise in providing safety solutions for commercial and industrial sites, health services, schools and universities, retail and department stores and government buildings. 

Tullamarine Fire Equipment Supplies 

Fire Extinguishers safety equipment

Whether you are looking to install new equipment or maintain and repair your existing fire protection set up, Mobile Fire Services can help you to achieve affordable and dependable fire solutions for your commercial location in Tullamarine.

We identify hazards and provide advice to give you the best fire risk profile to be compliant with Australian Standards. We supply an extensive range of compliant equipment to create a fire safe environment including – fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire hydrant landing valves and equipment, fire blankets, smoke detector alarms, exit and emergency lighting, brackets, cabinets and covers, hoses, nozzles and adaptors or sirens for commercial business settings.

Mobile Fire Services Electrical Testing and TaggingElectrical Test and Tag Services Tullamarine

Our testing and tagging services protect you, your staff and others from the possibility of electrocution. 

The quality work we provide on site can be the difference of replacing a single cord or plug to someone being electrocuted in the workplace. Our skilled professionals participate in regular training and successfully have obtained their Test and Tag Certificate. If you are a Business Owner or Manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that all portable appliances within your commercial premises are safe for use and have been tested and tagged.

Tullamarine Emergency & Exit Lighting Services

Emergency and Exit Lighting and signage is necessary to ensure people can follow a safe and direct path to exit a building. Where you operate your business from must be compliant with Australian Standards, council requirements, occupational health and safety regulations.

Mobile Fire Services on-site in Tullamarine offering supply, installation, and servicing to all types of emergency exit lighting to suit your needs.

Mobile Fire Services Will Manage Your Fire Protection in Melbourne

Our team are fire industry professionals keeping your business fire safe with regular processes routinely maintained and compliant

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