Fire Maintenance and Installation Services

Fire Compliance installations and maintenance services are essential for businesses. 

Mobile Fire Services have been performing these services in Melbourne and regions within Victoria since 2001. The work our team performs is always of a high standard and compliant with Australian Safety Standards.

Fire protection equipment and systems are a crucial component of fire protection activities and to be successful they must be maintained, if not there is the possibility you are putting both your business and people at risk if equipment fails to effective in an emergency. In accordance with Work Health and Safety requirements in Victoria, all commercial buildings fire equipment should be installed in the correct location, and equipment should be serviced regularly.

Mobile Fire Services maintenance procedures include functional testing and inspection of equipment, supply, installation and ongoing servicing on a regular basis at intervals which are mandated by Australian Safety Standards for each product.

For example, fire extinguishers need to be pressure tested and refills applied to the existing extinguishers to make sure they are safe and operational and Fire blankets must be installed in the correct area within your business in accordance with safety standards etc.

Mobile Fire Services Fire Safety Professionals

Being fire safe is non-negotiable, and this is where the expertise of the team at Mobile Fire Services is essential in managing first-class maintenance programs for your business for both your fire and electrical safety requirements. Fire safety regulations require risk assessments be undertaken to determine which fire equipment is needed for your business. When risks associated with your business have been are identified and the environment assessed you will be able to select your equipment to achieve the safety standard obligations. If hazards are identified during risk assessments, you need to come up with a plan to contain them including chemicals and other flammable materials which are housed on site.


Be aware of your fire safety responsibilities ensuring your team members are informed of which fire equipment is suitable for protection from each identified hazard.

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Our team are fire industry professionals keeping your business fire safe with regular processes routinely maintained and compliant

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