Emergency and Exit Lighting

Mobile Fire Services Emergency and Exit Lighting

Mobile Fire Services Exit Lighting

Emergency lighting and exit signs must comply with Australian Standard AS2293, and requires exit signs, as well as emergency lights included in the regulations.

Exit signs are green because we are all trained to recognise red as the universal colour to mean ‘stop’, and in an emergency the colour green relates to safety and means ‘go’ …

Emergency and Exit Lighting Compliance

All exits and emergency lights must be tested by a licensed electrician every six months to ensure they run for 90 minutes on battery by simulating a loss of power. To ensure that lights are in excellent working condition testing requirements apply to both maintained, and non-maintained emergency lighting.



Testing Emergency and Exit Lighting

Mobile Fire Services efficiently records all test results outlining asset type, location and other relevant information including service completed and any defects if they are identified. Service and maintenance results are available through the customer portal within our website.

Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency exit signs must always be clearly visible when a building is occupied by any person. Defined escape routes should be illuminated and clearly signed and stay lit for a minimum of ninety minutes after the initial power loss to give people time to safely exit a building.

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