Fire Hose Reels are a common piece of fire protection equipment and installed in commercial properties and locations where people gather.

Hose reels require routine maintenance on a six-monthly basis to be compliant with Australian Standard AS1851.

At Mobile Fire Services our business is all about keeping people safe supplying and maintaining fire hose reels to schools, hospitals, multi-level buildings, factories, shopping centres, offices, exhibition and conference spaces, concert, and sporting venues.

Fire Hose Reel installed

Fire Hose Reel Equipment

A fire hose reel can be installed on any wall with a steel wall bracket, a water supply outlet to connect the water pipe is needed at the location. Fire hose reel equipment is operational on site once connected to a water outlet.

Regular maintenance, servicing and hose reel replacements are essential and necessary components for fire safety. Thorough tests and inspection of hose reels by our team ensures both hose and reel are functioning and dependable in case a fire emergency eventuates.


How Often Should a Fire Hose Be Tested?

Fire Hose Reels are important equipment when it comes to controlling a fire!

However your fire hose can be worthless if blocked with dirt and water is not flowing at the acceptable measured range in accordance with safety standards. Leaks may also be a problem impeding water flow. Fire hoses should also be inspected to check their physical condition. Keeping your equipment operational is essential with tests and servicing at least every six months.

When a fire hose is declared safe for use it is recorded in our customer portal and tagged.

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