We supply and service Fire Extinguishers to businesses in Melbourne

Fire Extinguishers must be pressure tested every five years and maintained on a six-monthly basis to meet compliance with Australian Standard AS1851. This safety standard sets the requirements for the routine servicing (inspection, testing, preventive maintenance, and survey) of fire protection systems and equipment.

A maintenance safety plan is designed and established for the calendar year, with our team liaising with business owners and management staff to attend site when inspections, testing and servicing is due at the most convenient times.

Mobile Fire Services includes updates of all Fire Extinguisher test and inspection results and findings. Inspection Reports outline asset type and location, with a description of the service completed. If defects are found, these are identified in the inspection report.

Inspection Reports are available to our clients through the customer portal access on our website for compliance reporting.


We carry a range of Flamestop Fire Extinguishers in various size and type Australian Standard certified and approved .

There are 6 types of Fire Extinguishers, we carry an extensive range in various sizes.

Fire extinguishers are mostly red in colour with bands to identify the type of extinguisher

  • White Bands – Dry Chemical Powder
  • Black Bands – Carbon Dioxide
  • Red with no bands – Water
  • Blue Bands – Foam
  • Oatmeal Bands – Wet Chem
  • Yellow Bands – Vaporising Liquide

How can you tell if fire extinguisher is expired?

The manufacturing date of a fire extinguisher is date stamped on the body or written on the service label. The manufacture date helps to determine if the fire extinguisher requires its extended service.

How long is the life span of a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers have a use by date of five years. At this time they either need to pressure tested or replaced.


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