Mobile Fire Services supplies and maintains Fire Blankets to businesses in Melbourne

Fire blankets are effective protection, and along with fire extinguishers they are fire safety assets that can be useful in case of a minor fire. 

Fire Blankets are to be maintained on a six-monthly basis to be compliant with Australian Standard AS1851. This safety standard sets the requirements for the routine servicing (inspection, testing, preventive maintenance, and survey) of fire protection systems and equipment.

Our range of Fire Blankets are Australian Standard certified and approved.

A Fire Blanket is highly flame-resistant material, used to extinguish a minor fire or to wrap around an individual that has caught alight to cut off the supply of oxygen and smother the fire.


Mobile Fire Services Fire safety products

When using a Fire Blanket: 

  • Lay it carefully over the fire. 
  • Make certain you are positioned safely behind the blanket and avoid the sides as flames could burn your hands.


A maintenance plan is designed, with our team liaising with business owners and management staff to attend on-site when inspections, testing and servicing is due at the most convenient times.

Mobile Fire Services includes updates of all Fire Blanket test and inspection results and findings. Inspection Reports outline asset type and location, with a description of the service completed. If defects are found, these are identified in the inspection report.

Inspection Reports are available to our clients through the customer portal access on our website for compliance reporting.


Be mindful if dealing with a fire larger than the size of the fire blanket, 

you are better to position yourself safely away from the flames and call fire emergency.

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Our team are fire industry professionals keeping your business fire safe with regular processes routinely maintained and compliant

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